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A few thousand years before the first book starts, the human race discovered this means of travel that my mom based on her time studying string theory. The means of travel is called Reality Skimming but the problem with it is that it is damaging both physically and mentally.

The mental damage is called gap and it is pretty much nothing. Pilots have to use their imagination to fill the nothing so they don't go insane or end up in a comma. Then the physical part is called shimmer, which is the fact that while you are popping in and out of the universe trying to get from one place to another your cells get attached on a microscopic level. This means that regular people can't fly a lot without getting heath problem.

Nevertheless humans with their infinite curiosity sent out an expedition to explore. They went through a thing called a jump and settled on a planet. These settles were called the Alpha Colonies. But not long after they were settled the jump collapsed and they were stranded!

They lost their colonies and still couldn't fly without suffering a slow death so they tried something else. Their solution was to genetically engineer human like creatures who could fly without damage.

These people are called Sevolites. The difference between Sevelites and normal people or commoners, is that they can regenerate. They heal faster and better, don't scar and never grow old. They do tend to get regenerative cancer later in life though and fight among themselves often enough that the not ageing thing doesn't really mean they live forever or anything.

So the flying Sevolites are called VR's and they were just like gladiators or muscle with no brain. They did all the flying. But once they got here they needed someone to do the work so humans came up with DM's which were kinda like worker drowns. They could memorize plans and schematics almost at once and again didn't have much of a personality.
These genetically engineered people were so popular that while the VR's and DM's were building and flying for the humans the DMG's were created to make a little money on the side. They were all female and were sold as the best companion ever! They would rub your feet, make you feel, sleep with you and pretty much anything you wanted so you can bet they were popular with the rich and lonely. They were however a side model that wasn't made is great quantities.

So now that you know what was made why don't I tell you who made them?
Okay so everything I have told you already isn't in the books, at least not the main books. It in a little book that goes with the series called the Lorel Experiment. Which is about the people who engineered the VR's and DM's and stuff.

And these Lorels are unnaturally made too but they are unnaturally made by really smart humans to be just like them only smarted. The idea is that a pair of French scientists learned how to make their child better than the other children. They then used similar tech to enhance themselves and people starting paying for the services. And slowly the super smart, never ageing, in perfect condition people started to grow in number and they were a cut above everyone else so lets' say it was a lot of Drama!
Though believe it or not this in itself wasn't enough drama for my mother to write about apparently!

Anyway so one Lorel whose name was Amanda realized it wasn't fair to make all the DM's and VR's dumb as door nails so she gave them emotions and the ability to learn and all sorts of things. Essentially she gave them a soul.
So now there are fully souled creatures with super human abilities and brains flying around the universe and they decided they are better than the regular human's naturally. ^_^
The Sevolites then waged war on the humans and let's face it they won. ^_^ All the Sevolites left earth and start their own colony. They starting calling themselves Gelack.
Their main political base is called Fountain Court and there are many Gelack reaches and stations. Over the next hundred or so years the three groups of people--stranded alpha colonies, genetically engineered people, and the Lorels of earth--went their own ways and get very very different.

The little group of humans who were stranded started calling themselves Reetion and lived pretty much like we do.

The humans on earth started getting ruled over by the Lorels who were left.
The Gelacks learned to hate Lorel science and all it comes with and adopted something called Sword Law which dictates that no single life or group of lives is worth more than the habitat they live in. This is because Gelack's believe in reincarnation so as long as the habitat survives the race will.

Now Reetions don't believe in reincarnation so this makes for more drama later. ^_^
Now after these races have had some times to simmer they met again or at least two of them do: the Gelacks and the Reetions.

They met and it's not good, but this still isn't where my mother decided to start writing from. sigh.

The Gelacks and Reetions have a bit of a misunderstanding and start fighting. The Reetions aren't good at flying in space and never use it for fighting at all because they are just regular humans who suffer from the travel.

Gelacks on the other hand fight and fly in space like they were made for it which I guess they were.

This means the Reetions had to resort to, what the Gelacks would call non honourable means of warfare. Reetions value life over habitat so they do things like set bomb and fight wars the way we do now. The Gelacks settle things with two champions so as not to destroy habitat.

My mother came up with the main concepts for this series while the cold war was going so so that is where some of the concepts come from. :)

Since the two races were so different there were huge casualties on both sides. The Gelacks thought of them as enemies who had dropped the shield of honour and thus don't deserve even one moments mercy while the Reetions were just really scared of the way more powerful flying abilities of the Gelacks.

During this battle some tech got left on the Reetion side, space where it was fought got messed with to the point where it was almost uninhabitable and the two cultural avoided each other thereafter. That is to say they made a deal to never go to the other side of the jump again.

The only problem was that though the Gelacks remained ever vigilant of this deal the Reetions forgot it. ^_^ But to be fair they also changed their entire way of government thanks to the left over tech and it's hard to keep things straight when that happens right?

So the first book starts on the Reetion side 200 years after the big war and none of the Reetions remember that they aren't allowed over to the Gelack side. This means when one rouge pilot named Ann and a dreamer Gelack expert named Ranar launch an expedition to meet the Gelacks, it gets interesting. ^_^

Now the first book is called "The Courtesan Prince" but it was supposed to be called "Second Contact" cause it was the second time these races had met but since it was the first book the publisher didn't want to call it something with a second in it. Sigh. What do they know huh?
Here is my summary of everything that might help you when you start reading the first book. If you have any questions or anything please leave a comment. :)
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